Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doctor Extraordinaire

The tale I am going to narrate goes back to middle of May, say a little under three months.  I had given my mss-2 to a friend and those needed to be collected back. We decided to meet at a FOSWL (Friends of the Same Wavelength) meeting of which he is the convener. I rarely attend FOSWL monthly gatherings but my mission was the safe return of mss-2 to the desk. These meetings are held on Kumararani school in Adyar on breezy Sunday evenings in a neighbourhood rich on trees.
           The May month’s talk was on Homeopathy by a practitioner Mrs. Uma. These meetings last just over an hour and a subject expert is invited to talk. Mrs. Uma is tall lady recently retired from Atomic Power Plant as an Instrumentation Head. A fair complexioned, lean, spectacled face, loosely pleated long hair, and dressed in a flowing sari as she started her PPT on Homeopathy. I heard her with respect, this was her passionate hobby and it was some story of plants, shrubs, animals, or minerals are used as a cure. I learnt that the Germans were advanced in the field and then the talk went technical on potency, dilution, one part per million etc. I collected my mss-2 from Krishnan and rushed back. 
              I wrote to Krishnan a week later. I sent a mail: Sir, does homeopathy have anything for gastric ulcers and arthritis? Could you please check with Mrs. Uma? He forwarded that mail to her and she wrote: Mr. Sathyanarayana, please fill up this questionnaire
           That questionnaire ran to over four pages and over 25 questions. It probed my eating habits, stools, every illness right from a common cold and headaches to cancer and heart troubles, eating habits, reaction to different tastes, how I drink water and liquids whether cold or hot etc. I took over an hour to fill this and sent to the lady. 
          I get a reply where she had marked clarifications: Can you elaborate on your how frequently you sweat? Or do you prefer summer months to winter? How does the knees feel each time you walk? Is the first few steps more difficult or is the pain a lingering one. It went on and on. Now I knew, this lady was for real and her concerns of a highly competent doctor. 
           I met her towards the end of May, 2013 and we spoke for an hour. Mrs. Uma lives with her husband in Kalakshetra Colony. It is very secluded part of Besant nagar in the neighbourhood of the internationally recognize dance school of the Late Rukmini Arundale. It was duplex house and the drawing room looked elegant. They were naturally wealthy I could see at a glance from the curtains and lay of the room. 
         Mrs. Uma took me to the balcony. There were two wire chairs and we sat facing each other. I looked the tranquility of the place, so silent and so many trees. There were even a couple of peacocks strutting on the street as I took in from the balcony grills. She traced every illness I ever had: do you like sweets? Or like to drink hot or cold? Or what caused the tuberculosis? Leukoderma at 13? Or the nature of pain in the knees? When I talked about frequent stools and very loose in character; I felt I must come clean. I talked about my depressions in my twenties. Mrs. Uma reacted like a dream: Your worst is over. You have handled your situation very well. Vipassana and other tools have helped. It felt a real confidence. She was so cued on from the questionnaire and must have spent hours on my case. She did not charge a penny! This definitely was an act of Grace. She said: I have been trying to cue on your organ and it reads LIVER to me. When I mentioned about my jaundice at 7 and father’s death from liver cancer, it felt her hypothesis was confirmed. Said she: I will prepare the medicine and let you know. You can collect it then. I thanked profusely and addressed her as "akka" as she walked me on the way out. 
          A month later I get another mail on my gmail. Mrs. Uma writes: the medicines have come and you can collect it. They were leaving for America in the early hours and what a mind to assist. The husband-wife (both retired from the Atomic Energy Department) are NRIs and they spend 8 months to a year in America for statutory conditions to hold their American citizenship. The medicines were in very small packets like how vibhuti is packaged in temples; tiny globules like mustard seeds we use in the kitchen. Mrs. Uma explained: Dissolve two globules in a glass of drinking water. Take these for 4 weeks and another tablet for every alternate week – again very small and I was to chew them before going to bed. 
      God, the medicines worked. I have never felt healthier in decades. I found an immediate improvement in my stools, my gastric thing no longer craved or reached for Marie biscuits. I felt so strong that I resumed the walks to the Eliot’s Beach. 
         When I met her and wanted to compensate for her time: she must have spent over four hours on my questionnaire and consultation. Mrs. Uma said,” God has been kind to us. For me, Homeopathy is my service to society. I just have an interest in making others healthy.” 
          From the improvement in my health and her painstaking diagnosis for hours, I think of her as nature’s blessing. Homeopathy works and works brilliantly in the hands of a genius practitioner.